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Update: January 13, 2022

Watch Founder, Debra Stangl, on Arizona Family, Channel 3 and 5, as she is interviewed about the new legislation that has been introduced into the Arizona Legislature to give local control back to Arizona communities so they can regulate Short Term Rentals.  Click here to watch.

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We love Sedona and the recent past has been excruciating, watching the bad traffic get worse and worse, watching affordable housing become a thing of the past and watching trails being destroyed by people who don't seem to care for the earth.

That is what has led to starting a coalition to Save Our Sedona. It's an SOS, because it's an emergency. We don't have much time to save this beautiful, sacred place.

Our first mission was to stop all funding for Destination Marketing for the Sedona Chamber of Commerce for one year and we achieved that!

We are now turning our attention to the problems that are being caused by Short Term Rentals in Sedona as well as the damage that is being done to our beautiful trails by ATVs.

Short term rentals are destroying our neighborhoods and creating a situation where housing is out of reach for many people. We are not talking about locals who have a room in their home or a casita, we are wanting to be able to regulate corporate owners and out of town owners who are not being responsible neighbors.

The history behind this is important – Click here to read more – but basically the Arizona Governor and Legislature made it impossible for local cities to enact any kind of regulation on short terms rentals, so we are at the mercy of the State Legislature.

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